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Presentation of the Blanc de Blancs

Champagne has a light, fluid, pale yellow-green color with bright yellow-green highlights and deep flutes. It is animated by bright bubbles that feed a persistent collar. The visual sensation announces a fresh and nuanced wine.
The first nose accurately evokes a sweet scent of acacia mixed with odors of stony chalk, heart of lemon, fresh grapes, raspberry. It evolves with aeration to notes of verbena, licorice Carensac, marshmallow, fresh rose with a creamier chalk. Further aeration reveals smells of sweet almond, fresh hazelnut, moist chalk, peppermint.

The approach in the palate is supple and fresh with a creamy and mellow effervescence. Champagne develops with a fruity substance reminiscent of white pome fruits and citrus fruits, supported by a delicate acidity and tense with lemony nuances. The mid-palate is orchestrated by a chalky minerality that gives elegance, elongation and a very pure limestone mineral resonance. The slender finish makes the aromas of fresh grapes, apple and pear vibrate, leaving an ultimate lemony sensation.

The agreements of Geoffrey Orban, Ambassadeur du Champagne :

The Blanc de Blancs vintage is an ode to the freshness of Champagne and the purity of the Chardonnay grape variety that elegantly captures the typical chalky character of our terroirs. We propose a tasting at a temperature of 8 to 9 ° C with our suggestions of culinary harmonies:
Appetizer and prawns marinated in dill and lemon
Fine oysters of clear

Mirepoix of Saint-Jacques, knives and shells with seaweed juice
Haddock ceviche with lemon and minced red onion
Marinated salmon with lime and dill
Carpaccio of Saint-Jacques and candied gingerbread
Salmon tartare with green tomatoes and peppermint
Bar steamed and fennel muslin
Cassolette of northern fish and julienne of carrots and zucchini, champagne and dill sauce
Cassolette of scallops in raw-cooked fennel
Hake and bonito, braised seasonal vegetables and celeriac
Brillat-Savarin and sliced ​​pear, reduction of watercress with olive oil ...