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Presentation of the cuvée Brut

Our brut is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, whose distribution is, depending on the year, close to 50/50.
It is composed of 100% cuvée, juice from the first presses.
Chardonnay brings finesse and freshness. The pinot noir, the corpulence, the vinosity and the generosity of the fruit.
An important part of reserve wine is incorporated in the blend to bring continuity and maturity to the wine.

Champagne has a light and fairly fluid, pale yellow-gold color with yellow-green hues, with bright lemon-yellow hues and deep flutes. It is animated by bright bubbles that feed a persistent collar. The visual sensation announces a rich and fresh wine.
The first nose evokes aromas of lime, blackcurrant, grilled hazelnut, toast, red rose. It evolves with aeration to notes of pomelos, licorice Carensac, smoked clay soil, peach, fig, almond, black pepper, quetsche.
The approach in the palate is supple and fresh with a creamy and mellow effervescence. Champagne develops with a pulpy and fleshy fruit density supported by a tart and lemony acidity with shades of pink grapefruit. The framework of the Champagne is ensured by a clay-chalky minerality that gives at the same time amplitude, lamb's lettuce, elegance and a great depth in the palate. The finish remains tense and gives us a great fruity aromatic return, salinity and a final tactile sensation of dry materials of good taste.

The agreements of Geoffrey Orban, Ambassador of Champagne:

The vintage Brut combines the freshness of floral and fruity bouquets for moments of sharing aperitifs and table. We propose a tasting at a temperature of 9 to 10 ° C with our suggestions of culinary harmonies:

Prawns a la plancha and fresh pomegranate berries
Red mullet florentine and Jerusalem artichoke puree
Pure rillettes of duck
Duck aiguillettes, parsnip purée, frozen salsify and raspberry reduction with liquorice
Quail with grapes
Roasted pigeon on the chest, stuffed with mushrooms and tart berries
Veal liver, sweet and sour sauce with raspberry vinegar
Rack of lamb with lemon thyme
Parmentier of mushrooms and poultry, rosette of minced parsnip with Sichuan pepper
Chaource whipped and fig sauce with cherry ...