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Presentation of the cuvée Prestige

Champagne comes in a bright lime-green color with bright lemon-yellow highlights that add depth to the flute. The fluid disc is animated by fine and lively bubbles that feed a delicate collar. The visual sensation announces a rich and fresh wine.
The first floral nose exudes aromas of linden, rose, acacia, narcissus, mixed with lime, apple pippin. The aeration of the wine reveals notes of brioche, marshmallow, bergamot, cherry, Sichuan pepper. More aeration reveals scents of savory, fresh almonds, licorice, pineapple and peach.
The approach in the palate is supple and fresh, with a creamy and mellow effervescence. Champagne develops with a pulpy white and red fruit marked by apple and pear and supported by lemony acidity. The mid-palate is orchestrated by a clay-limestone minerality that gives the palate power, scale, length and elegance. The fresh and well-tended finish is carried by the delicacy of a pulpy fruity raised by the persistence of iodized and spicy aromas.

The agreements of Geoffrey Orban, Ambassador of Champagne :

The cuvée Brut Prestige plays a coated and gourmand register and preserves the freshness necessary to express its aromatic and gastronomic nuances. We propose a tasting at a temperature of 9 to 10 ° C with our suggestions of culinary harmonies:
Vintage sardines
Seared scallops and cream of parsnip with coriander
Warm smoked salmon and potatoes in field dress with chives
Fillet of Saint-Pierre and Celeriac puree with Sichuan pepper
Fillet of sea bream with savory and small southern vegetables
Pot-au-feu from the sea
Champagne Carbonade
Rack of lamb with lemon thyme
Brie de Meaux refined
Pear confit with Champagne ...