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Presentation of the cuvée Rosé

Champagne has a light and fairly fluid, light salmon pink color with intense pale pink highlights, bright and deep in the flute. It is animated by very fine bubbles and quite bright which feed a collar of excellent behavior. The visual sensation announces a fresh and nuanced wine.
The first nose evokes smells of candied strawberry, soft and stony chalk, acacia flower, blackcurrant, currant. It evolves with aeration to notes of zest of lemon, raspberry, peach, peppermint, marmalade, iodine.
The approach in the palate is supple and fresh with a creamy and mellow effervescence. Champagne develops with a density of fleshy red, black and white fruits, supported by a fresh lemony acidity with shades of pink grapefruit. The mid-palate is orchestrated by a chalky minerality that imparts elegance and nuance. The fruity and liquorice finish is greedy, fresh and airy, marked by the aromatic return of raspberry and strawberry, and endowed with an ultimate melting, iodized and melted sensation.


The agreements of Geoffrey Orban, Ambassador of Champagne:

The cuvée Brut Rosé seduces with the delicacy of its balance between freshness and fruity delicacy. We propose a tasting at a temperature of 9 to 10 ° C with our suggestions of culinary harmonies:
Seafood platter
Shrimp with paprika
Small cherry tomatoes stuffed with lemon salmon rillette
Steamed halibut and green tomato marmalade
Fillet of sole and lobster sauce
Grilled red mullet and muslin rust
Beef carpaccio and pink berries, finely grated
Sainte-Maure de Touraine
Tomme of the Pyrenees little refined
Chaource whipped and brunoise of pan-fried strawberries
Physalis mousse and raspberry jelly with lemon thyme ...